12 Placer gold claims ready for mining. 


Twenty continuous placer mining claims for sale.

This ground is virgin testing shows the gold.

 Samples taken from the surface that were assayed show 27 ppm of Au recovery. 

From my calculations of approximately 12 mg in one pan from the surface, and given one cubic yard equals to 153 gold pans, 

this would equal 1836 mg (1.84 g) equal to .059 oz in one yard. (0.5 meter)

Deeper gravels will pay better and different areas pay differently. 

This is not a definite dollar per yard amount. This is my "computation" for your consideration.

Measuring show the valley is 600-700 feet wide and excavations would make it even wider. 

I do not know the depth of the gravels for sure though due to excavations from the road I do know it is over 7-8 feet deep  

as well from averages of neighboring valleys I estimate it to be 12-14 feet deep.

The road is maintained by the Yukon government in the summer and by the other miners. Through the depth of winter, the road is not maintained.

Traveling on the dirt road the distance to Alaska Top of the World Highway is 14 miles (20 km), about a half hour drive. Traveling on the Alaska Top of the World Highway to Dawson is 50 miles (80 km), about an hour and half for drive. 

The mining season typically goes from May to September maybe as late as October depending on the weather. California Creek is is a tributary to Sixtymile River. The creek flows approximately 2 m wide by .3 m deep. 

12 claims area is 1.08 square km or 1,080,000 square m (600 m x 150 m each claim).  Google map


Water license and land permit for mining are on the place.


Price for fast sale is 36 000 CAD.

12 claims of proven gold bearing gravels selling for under 3000$ per claim is very difficult to find here in the Yukon.

The valley is not forested most of the vegetation is 5-10 feet tall willows and aspen trees, with the exception of standing spruce near the steam itself.

For any more information ie: road information, more areal photos, 

and or any other information you may need please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested or if you would like more information, please email.


For sale by owner.


Last update October 2018


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